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Lucid Innovation specialises in medical device development and product design for wellness and scientific systems.

Our team are experts in user experience and industrial design, electronics, software, human factors and regulation. Accreditations include ISO 13485 for design and manufacturing.

We help discover, design and deliver sustainable solutions.

What we do

Insight & Strategy
Digital Design
Product Design

Featured case studies

Magstim Horizon

Digital patient management and treatment systems

Lucid’s UX designers, application and embedded software specialists are helping deliver intuitive, robust digital systems, compliant with international medical device regulation.


Electronic monitoring improves sports performance

Lucid’s team is helping develop electronic solutions to correlate force, fatigue and sprint performance to indicators of injury.

Part funded by an Innovate UK Smart award, we’re collaborating with athletes to trial innovative solutions.

Anisys GO™

Bringing bowel care closer to patients

Anisys GO™ is a portable anorectal manometry and biofeedback system designed and manufactured by Lucid.

Part funded by an SBRI Healthcare award, our team collaborated with patients and clinicians to deliver a total solution.


Christie NHS Trust

Simulation to improve cancer therapy

Lucid designed phantoms enable pre-treatment radiotherapy dose calibration.

Mechanisms enable accurate  sensor positioning at any head or neck tumour position, within anatomically-accurate simulations of bone and tissue density.

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 For 25 years, Lucid’s team has collaborating with businesses, healthcare and academic organisations to discover, design and deliver a better future.  Lets  create successful new products and services.