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Embedded software

Requirements gathering
and analysis


How we achieve this:

This stage involves gathering and analysing the requirements for the medical device software. This includes understanding the user needs, system requirements, and regulatory requirements for the device.

Design and implementation

How we achieve this:

In this stage, the software architecture and design are developed based on the requirements gathered in the first stage. The implementation of the software is then done based on the design.

Verification and


How we achieve this:

The software is tested to ensure that it meets the requirements and specifications. Verification tests are done to ensure that the software has been implemented correctly, while validation tests are done to ensure that the software meets the user’s needs and regulatory requirements.

Maintenance and updates

How we achieve this

Once the software has been implemented and verified, it needs to be maintained and updated over time. This involves fixing bugs, adding new features, and ensuring that the software remains compliant with regulatory requirements throughout its lifecycle.

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