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Design for manufacture

Design reviews

How we achieve this:

the design of the medical device is reviewed to ensure that it is optimized for manufacture. The review may involve analysing the manufacturability of each component and identifying potential issues, such as complex geometries or difficult-to-machine materials.

Prototyping and testing

How we achieve this:

In this stage, prototypes of the medical device are created to test the manufacturability of the design. The prototypes may be created using low-fidelity or high-fidelity materials, and are used to identify and address any manufacturing issues or challenges.

Design optimisation

How we achieve this:

In this stage, the design of the medical device is optimised for manufacture based on the findings from the design review and prototyping stages. This may involve modifying the design to simplify manufacturing processes, reduce production costs, or improve quality control.

Design validation

How we achieve this

In this stage, the final design of the medical device is validated to ensure that it can be manufactured at scale with consistent quality. This may involve manufacturing a small batch of devices and subjecting them to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet all quality and performance standards.

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In-house manufacture

Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to have greater control over production process, which can lead to better quality control and more consistent product output.

In-house manufacturing also reduces lead times and allow for faster response to changes in demand or market conditions.