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Software development

Define software

Why we do this

Software requirements help to define the functionality, performance, and safety requirements of the software system. This is particularly important for medical devices, where even small software errors or malfunctions can have serious consequences for patient safety.

Information architecture
and design

Why we do this:

Once the requirements are gathered, it is time to design the software architecture. This step involves creating a high-level overview of the system, identifying key components, and designing how they will interact with each other.

Testing and validation

Why we do this

The code must be rigorously tested and validated to ensure we identify and address any bugs or performance issues and that the device is safe and performs as expected. The code must also be designed to prevent unauthorised access, protect patient data, maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information as well as validation to ensure the software meets regulatory requirements.

Maintenance and

Why we do this

Once the software is tested and validated, it can be deployed to production. Maintenance and support should be provided to ensure the software remains secure, up-to-date, and functioning optimally. Regular updates, bug fixes, and user support should also be provided to ensure the software remains relevant and useful over time.

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Data management

Data management involves collecting, storing, protecting, maintaining, and utilising data throughout its lifecycle. It encompasses all aspects of managing data, from its initial creation to its eventual disposal.

The goal of data management is to ensure that data is accurate, accessible, and protected, and that it can be used to support the goals of an organisation.