A 20 year long problem.


20 years ago, to resolve poor foot posture, podiatrists typically took a cast of a patient’s sole and sent the impression to a lab to make custom orthotic insoles. On their return, the soles are trimmed and adjusted to improve the fit. Alternatively, kits offer a “cut-up and bond” solution with varying levels of accuracy and time-consuming preparation.

A solution to save time and money

Healthy Step approached Lucid’s team to develop a flexible custom orthotic insole kit – streamlining the process for custom fit insoles from two to one appointment. Reducing the waiting list, as well as saving time and money, was considered an attractive proposition to budget focused public healthcare providers.

Ideas born from anthropometric Insights and podiatric consultations

Observing podiatric consultations, drawing on anthropometric data, Lucid created a series of ideas for faster, simpler and more adjustable products.

Flexible and customised 

Drawing on extensive experience in injection-moulding techniques, a design was created using a series of insoles and “plug-in” wedge components. Using rapid prototyping, product configurations were extensively tested and improved.

Production ready 

After liaising with suppliers, we created production-ready data for tool-making and moulding. VectOrthotic® insoles are used widely to effectively treat referred pain caused by poor foot posture. Available to buy here: http://www.healthysteporthotics.co.uk/products/vectorthotic/

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