What is the Royal
Mail safebox?

The ultimate solution for single-use protection against cross-contamination. Our revolutionary patented one-way snap fit system guarantees hassle-free assembly and effortless dismantling. With the safety of package recipients and postal staff in mind, our cutting-edge features visually detect any sample breakages prior to opening. Not only is the Royal Mail Safebox™ trusted by laboratories and clinicians throughout the UK, but it has also been licensed to esteemed postal authorities in Australia and the Netherlands. Available to buy here:


The problem.

The transportation of millions of diagnostic specimens to labs annually poses a critical challenge: ensuring sample integrity for precise diagnoses and consequential decisions in healthcare and legal domains. However, stringent insurance regulations pertaining to toxic specimens have given rise to specialized carriers who heavily rely on bulky, disposable foamed polystyrene packs. This lucrative market segment has led to substantial carbon emissions from collections in remote areas and daily deliveries to labs, exacerbating waste disposal concerns.

How we transformed a perceived disadvantage into an opportunity…

In the early 2000s, the universal service obligation to collect and deliver everywhere in United Kingdom was often thought to disadvantage the Royal Mail. Competitors focused on lucrative delivery services and had significantly eroded economies of scale. Lucid was part of a team tasked with discovering where the perceived problems of the universal service obligation could be developed into opportunities for service innovation.

… Identify risk and
simplify the process

In close collaboration with Royal Mail’s safety, security, and logistics experts, we meticulously mapped and analyzed every potential interaction between specimens, people, and resources. Our mission was clear: identify risks and simplify the process.

…A product that
defied the test of time

Challenged with the task of safely transporting toxins in a compact container that complied with international standards, we faced uncharted territory. We conducted rigorous structural and moldflow analysis, and leveraged our extensive materials expertise. These combined forces enabled us to craft an unparalleled solution—a pack that defied expectations.

Royal Mail Safebox has been safetly delivering samples since 2002.

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