When premature ejaculation becomes a problem.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Andy Zamar had undertaken extensive research in the field. His clinically-proven treatment technique offered dramatic scope to improve men’s sexual well-being. To commercialise his innovation, Dr Zamar set up Auris Medtech. As a start-up medical device business, with no in-house resources, Auris needed a full range of support, from industrial design to electronics development, corporate identity, brand and packaging development as well as supplier sourcing and help with regulatory compliance.

“According to a poll, 77% of men are unhappy with their bedroom stamina and would like to last longer during sex. Prolong is the world’s only permanent solution for men who want better self-control in the bedroom.”

ISO 13485
compliant design


Auris initially commissioned Lucid Group to develop ideas for their treatment device. Our medical device product designers developed, prototyped and tested mechanical and electronic design options. We dealt with intellectual property submissions, sourced materials and appropriate manufacturing suppliers.


FDA Cleared class
lla medical device

The Prolong™ Device has revolutionised treating premature ejaculation since its inception in 2012. The first ever premature ejactulation treatment to be acknowledged as a ‘Large Treatment Effect’. It works by targeting the sensitive nerves in the penis that are responsible for triggering ejaculation, essentially numbing them to prevent early climax.

The science-y

In independent clinical trials of the Prolong™ device, it was found to delay the time to ejaculation from 48 seconds to 8.8 minutes on average in 61% of men compared to 2 minutes and 36 seconds in 40% of men having the Gold standard treatment (CBT), with a difference of 6 minutes and 12 seconds between the 2 groups.

The full package

We created the Auris corporate identity, the PrΩlong product brand, multi-lingual packaging, instructions for use and managed the manufacturing introduction process including checking production. Auris has achieved significant export contracts. We continue to support the business with on-going development and manufacturing services. Availible to buy here: https://prolongdevice.com/

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