User experience, user interface, human factors and software development by Lucid helps Magstim Horizon 3.0. lead in transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). ta da

…intuitive interaction… 

We delivered software that enables clinicians to deliver the right dose consistently, intuitively navigating, recording and saving treatment protocols for reuse, in accelerated practice.  Significant human factors engineering studies and software verification ensured compliance with international standards and regulation.

What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an effective, non-invasive, outpatient treatment, for debilitating psychological conditions related to reduced electrical activity in areas of the brain.  Delivering focused magnetic pulses can stimulate nerve cells, increasing brain activity to normal levels, with few known side effects. 

Magstim has been awarded FDA 510K and UKCA approval for Horizon 3.0 with StimGuide+ for the treatment of adults with treatment-resistant major depression disorder, anxiety symptoms, and co-morbid obsessive compulsive disorder. 

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coherent workflow 

Navigation flow was carefully designed to enhance clinical efficiencies and improve patient outcomes, resulting in: 

  • Enhanced Workflows – Built-in Protocols and Patient Assessments
  • Enhanced treatment accuracy
  • Quick rMT (resting motor threshold) Determination
  • Repeatable Treatment Location Identification
  • Easy to interpret treatment Quality Scores
  • Enhanced treatment Analytics and Patient Data Management

Behind the scenes…

…Developing robust system architecture

Key to understanding every interaction, managing the risks of failure and optimising user navigation.


… Analysis to improve user experience

Analysing workflow, including physical and digital interactions enabled problem area prediction, where a user could experience complication or confusion. Well informed, we were able to create quicker workflows and streamline the process.

Software testing and


Essential to any project involving software, bug fixing is essential for building and maintaining reliable, secure, and user-friendly digital solutions. It’s a continuous process that not only addresses current issues but also prepares software for the challenges of the future.

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