Innovative phantoms improve treatment accuracy

 We are proud to have partnered with the The Christie NHS Trust, Europe’s largest cancer treatment and research centre.

The challange:

To improve the precision of radiation treatment at The Christie NHS Trust, Europe’s largest cancer treatment center.

Improved accuracy can save lives.

Delivering the optimum dose of radiation into a tumour is critical to treatment outcomes. Standard practice involves the use of simple plastic block “phantoms” to calibrate the radiotherapy device before treating the real patient. Differing patient physiology limits the accuracy of most phantoms, reducing treatment effectiveness. Physicists at the Christie believed that they could save lives and money with a better solution. An anatomically-accurate phantom, into which sensors could be positioned at the exact location of a tumour, and interchangeable parts replicating bone and tissue density were ideal.

Our approach.

Working with body-scans, we developed interchangeable elements with an indexing sensor positioning system. Our industrial designers used CAD surface modelling to create usable data for on-going engineering.

Design to precision. 

Materials selection and sourcing suppliers for high tolerance CNC machined components all formed part of a Lucid service in which everything from design to working parts was delivered.

What we delivered:


• Innovative radiotherapy calibration device
• Six months to design and manufacture
• Design developed around body-scan data
• Mechanisms development
• Materials specification and sourcing
• Prototypes assembled by Lucid
• Significant improvement in treatment accuracy

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