Success in an Innovate UK Smart Award competition has helped Lucid’s team partner with Performance Biomechanics to develop Biostrain – a unique system to improve sprint performance and monitor muscular balance.

Identifying the

Muscle strength and symmetry reduces the risk of injury in sports involving sprinting.  Current performance monitoring solutions place users in unnatural postures, loading and lengthening the hamstrings – increasing injury risk.

Engaging and monitoring interacting muscle groups in a natural sprinting posture offered a unique opportunity to safely maintain optimum fitness – that no other system could deliver.

Behind the scenes…

design, build, test…

Working with ex pro footballers, we partnered with a UK university to do study the correlation between muscular force production characteristics, fatigue, sprint performance and indicators of injury.

…Design for manufacture

Our industrial design team had to consider material selection, manufacturing techniques, and assembly methods. By collaborating closely with engineers and production experts, we strive to create designs that are easy to manufacture without compromising on functionality or quality. Our extensive knowledge of manufacturing techniques and technologies allows us to incorporate design elements that simplify production, reduce costs, and minimise waste.

data sharing platforms

Designing a data sharing platform involves striking a balance between security, functionality, and ease of use. A user-centered approach and iterative design process are essential to create a platform that meets user expectations and fosters seamless data sharing experiences.

…Simplifying data interpretation

By continuously analysing the users experience we were able to improve user understanding, enhanced decision-making, time and resource efficiency, increased accessibility, identification of key insights with effective communication and collaboration between players and coaches.

Developing instructions for use

We designed and developed a comprehensive instructions for use. These instructions were crucial in ensuring user safety, promoting proper product usage, complying with regulations, minimising potential liabilities and presented well for better user engagement and understanding.


UI style guides

UI style guides are crucial for maintaining consistency, reflecting brand identity, improving collaboration and efficiency, and ultimately delivering a superior user experience. They play a pivotal role in the success of digital products and websites.

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