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Salon quality treatments and guidance in your own home? Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

We joined forces with local estheticians to deliver salon equality equipment, personalized skincare treatments at home. prescribed just for you, by real local estheticians.

It started with a

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a rise in home self-care as people were been spending more time at home and unable to visit salons and other personal care businesses. This has led to an increase in demand for at-home hair and skincare products, as well as home manicure and pedicure supplies.

Driven by necessity, people resorted to online tutorials and virtual consultations to master the art of achieving professional-grade outcomes within the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the pandemic has spurred a remarkable rise in the popularity of self-care and wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, and exercise—activities that lend themselves effortlessly to home environments.

The pandemic sparked a self-care revolution, transforming homes into personal salons and sanctuaries of wellness.

Expert Skincare guidance:
One-on-One virtual consultations


This would allow salons in lockdown and even after lockdown still attract new customers and
give guidance. People got much more experimental during the pandemic and was the
perfect opportunity.
Skincare specialists can assess your skin condition, analyse your skincare routine, and
provide customized recommendations, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and
effective advice for your skin type.

Setting the tone
through branding

ARMIE embodies the concept that facial therapy encompasses more than just improving one’s physical appearance. It empowers individuals to confront their daily challenges head-on, guided by a knowledgeable and compassionate clinical expert. Our brand is dedicated to creating a warm and approachable atmosphere, promoting inclusivity and a shared sense of empowerment.

The visual identity of ARMIE is meticulously crafted to be gender-neutral, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. The color palette we’ve chosen consists of rich navy blue and vibrant orange tones. These colors exude confidence and strength, while also evoking a welcoming and inviting feeling.

Connecting experts
and clients

ARMIE allows you to schedule video call appointments, unlocking a world of information and expertise from the convenience of your home.

With our user-friendly dashboard, you can confidently explore expert credentials, delve into a thoughtfully curated selection of products handpicked by ARMIE’s experts, and receive personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs. But ARMIE is more than just a platform—it’s a community. Connect with individuals on similar skincare journeys, read inspiring stories, and find support for specific skin conditions. ARMIE is here to enhance your skincare experience like never before.

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