Bringing effective diagnosis and treatment of bowel conditions closer to patients.

Anisys GO is a portable anorectal manometry and biofeedback system designed and manufactured by Lucid.  Development was part-funded NHS with SBRI Healthcare and Health Innovation Manchester Momentum competition awards.

Revolutionising continence care

More than 6.5 million have bowel issues. Poor continence hugely impacts on an individual’s health and quality of life and is often under-reported and untreated.

Anisys Go addresses the SBRI, NICE calls for better diagnosis of more patients, earlier and closer to home.

“tools to help front-line clinicians deliver more accessible assessment and care, closer to patients’ homes could make a real difference”
Shaheen Hamdy PhD, FRCP, MB, ChB

Professor of Neurogastroenterology University of Manchester Honorary Consultant, Salford Royal NHS Trust

…with high resolution
data reporting to aid

Protocols and report outputs follow state-of the art guidance for anorectal physiology investigation.

Portable, intuitive wireless and designed for easy decontamination, Anisys GO can accelerate patient throughput and enable use on any site.

…with biofeedback
that improves patient

Anisys GO makes diagnosis and treatment more accessible than ever. The system is portable, which means patients get a more personalised approach to care that is delivered quickly, and in the comfort of their own home.

• Accelerated assessment
• Accelerated treatment
• Closer to patients

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