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Meet the team

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Alistair Williamson

Managing Director

“As the leader of a multidisciplinary team at Lucid, I supervise usability, compliance, engineering, design, and manufacturing specialists who work together to create innovative products and digital interactions for health, personal care, and scientific markets. At Lucid, our focus is on developing exceptional product experiences that comply with complex regulatory constraints, leveraging our accreditation to ISO 13485 for medical device design and manufacturing.

With over 30 years of experience in product development, I have accumulated a broad skill set, including an MBA degree, Chartered Engineer certification, and membership in the Institute of Engineering Designers. I have also served as a board member of the British Industrial Design Association, further showcasing my expertise in the field. Together with my skilled team at Lucid, we are committed to creating innovative, compliant, and user-centric products that make a positive impact in various markets.”

My Expertise

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory strategy support

Alistair Williamson

Managing Director

Jan Wong

Head of Human Factors & Regulatory Affairs

Tom Holliday

Senior product design engineer

Pear Permpool

Susainability Specialist

Andy Hodgin

Director of Innovation

Nguyen Pham

Head of Electronic Engineering

Kevin Parkes

Senior Software Engineer

Ruari Hodgin

Design Engineer

Carl Stone

Creative Director

Shelby Ayris

Senior UX Designer

James Lever

Industrial Designer

Ewan Armstrong

Quality Control Technician