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How we do it


It is essential to grasp the needs and challenges of the target users to create effective and impactful solutions. This stage emphasises the importance of “understanding rather than simply assuming” what the problem is.


Our empathetic approach helps in developing a comprehensive understanding of the context in which the device will be used, including the healthcare environment, regulatory considerations, and potential challenges in adoption or implementation.

Design and Prototype

Insights and understanding gained during the opportunity phase are translated into tangible solutions. This phase involves transforming conceptual ideas into concrete designs and developing prototypes to validate and refine those designs.

Test and Validation

Whether this be Performance testing, Durability testing, Biocompatibility testing, Electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, human factors, risk analysis or regulatory compliance, we can cover it all.


By implementing efficient manufacturing processes, ensuring quality control, and maintaining regulatory compliance, Lucid and our partners can produce high-quality devices ready for distribution and use in healthcare settings.


Maintenance is an important aspect of the lifecycle of medical devices that ensures their continued safe and effective performance throughout their intended use. Ongoing maintenance activities involve monitoring, servicing, and addressing any issues that arise.